Ever since the infamous year of 1946 when French designer, Jacques Heim, set records with the world’s smallest swimsuit, the fascination with the bikini has remained ever-present in popular culture. Though it has undergone several makeovers over the years (even now, its cousin- the one-piece- is making a serious comeback), the bikini is here to stay.

vintage one-piece sun hats bikinis women sunbathing eco-friendly swimwear
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With increasing attention being paid towards the development of eco-fashion, several companies are implementing eco-friendly practices within their swimwear divisions to combat the unsustainable mass-production of some swimsuit lines. These eco-swim creations are made with incredible care, and are likely to accompany you to the beach for more years than that $5 triangle top you purchased in every colour of the rainbow. Check out these three innovative companies below for some healthy inspiration for your next adventure in the sun, sand and sea.

MYMARINI eco-friendly bikini one-piece surfer eco-friendly swimwear
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Based in Hamburg, Germany, this company is passionate about crafting unique, stylish and responsible swimwear. Founder, Mareen, is an avid surfer and nature girl who wanted to create a product that combined fashion and ethical thinking. Their unique fabric is manufactured in Italy, using methane gas, the cleanest of the fossil fuels currently available. Not only do they re-use the thermal energy released during fabric production, but they also work to purify the remaining water, even before it reaches the municipal water treatment plant.

Production begins on your swimsuit only after an order is placed online, guaranteeing a truly customized suit, while also eliminating the irresponsible practice of over-production. MYMARINI offers stylish designs from the bikini to the one-piece, and with worldwide shipping available, your next eco-swimsuit could be a few clicks away

Koru Swimwear one-piece bathing suit recycled material eco-friendly swimwear
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Koru Swimwear

This company is official partners with both Healthy Seas and 1% For The Planet, organizations committed to saving our environment. Designed by Julie Brockmeyer Stine and April Slater, this company is built for the active woman who enjoys spending her free time hand in hand with Mother Nature.

Working with Healthy Seas, Koru Swimwear recovers discarded fishing nets that are polluting the world’s major bodies of water. The nylon found in these fishing nets is regenerated into raw material and transformed into ECONYL®, a nylon yarn. This regenerated fabric comprises 80% of the swimsuit fabric, and is bulk-dyed without water waste or pollution. Joining the movement to clean up our oceans has truly has never looked better

Odina surf bikini recycled material sustainable eco-friendly swimwear
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Odina is the ideal swimwear company for real women who are passionate about remaining active and being stylish in the process. Odina worked closely with surfers, rather than models, to develop a line of swimwear that flatters every feminine curve, while also withstanding even the strongest waves. Every portion of the Odina swimsuit has an ethical practice in mind, extending from the recycled nylon fabric to the organic cotton tags…and then to their server, which happens to be 100% wind powered.

Odina also actively supports Reef Check and Ocean Girl Project, which are organizations that both actively encourage community building in the fight against ocean pollution. We can’t think of a more empowering and environmentally conscious company that is better suited to crafting our swimsuits.



Hilary Dean

Hilary Dean is a freelance writer and stylist living in Downtown Toronto. She has a passion for all things fashion and developed a love of vintage fashion and local markets while studying in the South of France. She always enjoys the hunt for pieces inspired by her favourite style stars, including Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and the Olsen Twins. In her spare time, Hilary avidly practices yoga and since she embarked on a week-long retreat to Costa Rica, she has remained inspired by the importance of dedicated practice and a local, sustainable diet. Follow her daily adventures on her Instagram: @hilaryvdean

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