Anniken Jørgensen, Frida Ottesen and Ludvig Hambro  are fashion bloggers from Norway. As part of a social experiment, produced by Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, the trio participated in a reality mini-series that documented their lives as they lived and worked according to the same standards as Cambodian factory workers.

The conditions of fast fashion factory labourers has been a hot topic in recent years, especially following Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza Collapse, but the documentary highlights the issue from a unique perspective. By sending the very people who purchase the clothing to work in the environment in which the clothing is made, they are able to appreciate first-hand that the savings offered by fast fashion companies are made possible thanks to underpaid and overworked employees.

In tears, during episode five, Anniken explains what she learned after a sit-down with her new co-workers. 

“Everyone explained what they saw and then one girls told us she had sewed each side of a sweater together, the same seam, for 14 years! What kind of work is that?”

Her statement highlights the extent to which craftsmanship has become replaced with supply chain labour. 

Check out the trailer below, and view the five-part online reality series here.

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