veggiess pixabay.comIn this age, living within proximity to the downtown core of a major city means sacrificing square footage for subway access and local markets for all-in-one grocery developments. Though each weekend brings a chance to retreat from the exhausting hustle and bustle of city life, many of us could use a little extra dose of the country into our weekday lives.

Based in Toronto, At Home Organic Farms has been cultivating green thumbs in the hands of city slickers for almost fifteen years. Noticing the growing popularity in supermarkets for organic and local produce, the founders of AHOF realized that growing your own organic fruits and vegetables was relatively inaccessible in the GTA. And so, joining forces with Hawthorn Organic Farms, which has been certified organic since 1996, AHOF has made a sustainable diet more accessible than ever.
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Building raised garden beds made from local, untreated cedar, AHOF provides customers with a head start on growing season. Cedar also happens to be durable than other wood and contains natural bug-resistant properties that eliminate the need for harsh chemicals in your garden. This gardening service is provided year-round using the company’s protective “Cold Frame” (even in the daylight-deprived dog days of the Canadian winter) and the variety of available produce changes depending on the season in which you decide to plant.

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Gardening novices need apply- AHOF not only provides a free consultation, but also offers several maintenance packages that vary from weekly to monthly visits. Do you live in a condo? With their line of Lechuza self-watering containers, you too can introduce some green space into the limited space of your downtown dwelling.

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With At Home Organic Farms, you can cultivate the organic garden of your dreams, from the days of the summer salad through to the snowed-in stew…and you won’t even have to leave the city.

Hilary Dean

Hilary Dean is a freelance writer and stylist living in Downtown Toronto. She has a passion for all things fashion and developed a love of vintage fashion and local markets while studying in the South of France. She always enjoys the hunt for pieces inspired by her favourite style stars, including Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and the Olsen Twins. In her spare time, Hilary avidly practices yoga and since she embarked on a week-long retreat to Costa Rica, she has remained inspired by the importance of dedicated practice and a local, sustainable diet. Follow her daily adventures on her Instagram: @hilaryvdean

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