Some women are blessed with periods that subject them to little to no cramping and allow them to wear lites their whole cycle; (yes, these people actually exist). If you fall into this category, you may underestimate the importance of this new functional undergarment. For the rest of us, who understand what a bedridden-worthy cramp feels like and who experience a level of bleeding a Super tampon coupled with a thick diaper-sized pad has nothing on, this backup protection from leaks may be the technology we’ve been waiting for.

If, during the first few days of your period, you live in constant fear of leaking, at school, at work, at events, or in the middle of the night, get to know THINX.

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Miki Agrawal, her twin sister Radha, and friend Antonia Dunbar are the creators and designers behind THINX underwear.


The founders of THINX spent three years developing a line of absorbent, leak-resistant, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial underwear. THINX underwear is available in three styles, thong, cheeky, and hip hugger, that were made to look and feel like the underwear you wear every day.

THINX technology


Designed by women in New York City and made by women in Sri Lanka.

“Our underwear is made at a family-run factory that has an outstanding commitment to providing supplementary education and training to its female employees, empowering them to become leaders in their communities.”


THINX have partnered with Uganda-based brand AFRIpads, an organization that makes washable, reusable cloth pads at an affordable price.

For every pair of underwear you purchase, THINX will fund the production of a set of seven reusable cloth AFRIpads.

how THINX x AFRIpads give back
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THINX underwear is capable of replacing tampons, pads and menstrual cups entirely, on light days, and able to offer backup protection to your menstrual cup on heavy days. A technology worthy of eradicating, or at least limiting the use of, disposables is a valuable sustainability move.



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