• Looking for the best toner for sensitive, acne-prone skin? Skincare expert Tracie Martyn fuses knowledge of Asian botanicals with Western cosmeceuticals for a natural product that clarifies while brightening, smoothing, minimizing and tightening pores, and addressing signs of aging. Added plus? This gentle formula has been found by Tracie’s Tony-award winning client, Cyndi Lauper, to have a remarkable smoothing effect on the neck.

    Gentle formula is not harsh, drying, or alcohol-rich, like many toners on the market.
    British-born New York beauty expert, Tracie Martyn is the authority to whom actors and actresses, music industry icons, members of royal families, media moguls, and supermodels entrust their faces; not only before important events such as award shows and red carpet appearances, but as the premier choice of a non-invasive yet effective approach to beauty.
    Suitable for all skin types.
    Free from alcohol, artificial fragrances and harsh petro-chemicals.
    White tea: The purest and most powerful, unprocessed tea, the antioxidant (UV protector) of the East.
    Organic olive leaf: The skin purifier and powerful antioxidant (UV protector) of the West.
    Azelaic acid: Successfully used for acne and rosacea and brightens the skin.
    Hawthorn berry extract: Fights bacteria and purifies the skin.
    Organic lavender water: Anti-bacterial and aroma-therapeutic.
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